The ultimate guide to the newborn wardrobe

What do you really need to prepare for the arrival of a new baby? Depending on whom you ask, the answer can vary quite a lot. To make things a bit easier for you, we have put together our ultimate “baby starter wardrobe” to cover your newborn’s first clothing needs - all with pre-loved and past season pieces that are a kinder choice for the planet that your little one will grow up in.

Don’t buy too much
It’s easy to go overboard when you’re shopping for your unborn baby. We get it, it’s fun and part of the nesting process and - oh my gosh - are those teeny tiny clothes adorable. However, babies grow extremely fast in the first year and you will probably get one or two gifts once he or she is born. That’s why we would advise not to buy too many clothes and to spread the sizes of the clothes that you do buy and purchase up to size 62 or 68. That way, your baby has plenty of space to grow.

Why second hand for a baby?
A newborn baby’s clothes should be soft and gentle on their ultra sensitive skin. Pre-loved clothes are washed several times, which means that the toxic synthetic chemicals that are used in the production of (non-organic) cotton are largely washed out. You can learn more about chemicals in clothing here. Additionally, babies grow so quickly that clothes are often used only a few times. That’s why there are so many beautiful baby clothes in great condition to buy second hand (browse our baby collection).

One layer more in winter, one layer less in summer
We find this rule of thumb practical when it comes to how warmly to dress your baby: add one layer more than you (an adult) would wear when it’s cold, and remove one layer from what you would wear when it’s warm. For small babies it’s often a good idea to have them wear a soft cotton hat even inside as this is where they lose most of their body heat.

Soft and natural for baby’s skin
Try to choose natural materials like cotton, wool, linen and silk for your newborn. If you can, choose organic materials. Shopping second hand or second season is a good way to find more affordable organic options.

The ultimate baby starter wardrobe:

  • 4-8 bodys (browse bodys here)
  • 4-8 soft leggings/trousers (browse our selection here)
  • 4-5 socks
  • 3 pyjamas with feet. These are useful to keep the baby’s feet warm without having to deal with socks that are kicked off all the time . Velvet pyjamas are fantastic to keep winter babies warm. (browse sleepwear)
  • 3 jumpsuits
  • 1-2 soft cotton baby hats
  • 2-4 soft cardigans or jackets that are easy to open from front
  • 1-2 soft baby booties
  • Schlafsack/sleeping bag (find examples here)


Additional for autumn/winter babies:

Ultimate baby items:

  • Baby carrier for at home or outside to keep your hands free
  • 5-10 muslin blankets for breastfeeding, runny noses, wiping spit-up, you name it
  • Baby blanket for tummy time (this is soft and the baby will love the bright colours)
  • Babysitter (we love the one from Babybjörn)

Shop our entire newborn collection here.