Ingrid & Emil x Florence Valenzuela


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Name: Florence Valenzuela

Does: Mom 24/7, seamstress, maker, creative, photographer, content creator

Lives in: Basel, Switzerland

Family: Husband Tomas, Begona (7), Bruno (1)

My favourite kidswear brands are:

Tinycottons, My Little Cozmo, The New Society, Misha & Puff. I love dressing my kids in lots of colour!

My biggest challenge as a parent is:

My high expectations of myself, and not having enough time to create and work with my hands. 

The best advice I have received:

The only person who knows what you need is you. Listening to your intuition is your superpower. Don't forget it. 

Tell us more about your business LOLA:

I used to have a children's clothing store in Chile where I created unique garments with a classic touch. I started in 2016 when my daughter was born and kept growing until 2021. This is when I decided to close everything, rent my house, sell my car and come to Switzerland which is my native country.

Today, my brand LOLA doesn't exist as such, although many of my garments are still being worn and we have a second hand sale group specifically for the pieces which is something I am very proud of. 

My best tips for being creative with my children:

Being creative for me is not an option. It is a necessity. Every minute I have I use to create something and I am very multifaceted and am constantly learning new things. I really enjoy letting my children see my creative processes as well. I connect with them through art. 

Mindful consumption to me means: 

Second hand first!

My favourite way to recharge my batteries is to:

I close the door of my atelier, put on some nice music and dive into some of my creative projects. I also enjoy going for a walk, preferably in the forest.

Not many know this about me:

I am much more introverted than people think. I have a hard time interacting in large groups and I prefer to stay at home or see my close friends than go out for big events.

A kid-friendly dinner idea we always return to:

We are a vegan family that takes meals seriously. For us, they are moments to connect and share everything we have experienced during the day. We try to make every meal together. We like simple things but enjoy tasty food. The best comfort food will always be a good plate of pasta with homemade tomato sauce. 

My favourites from Ingrid & Emil at the moment are:

My daughter is in love with Stella McCartney and her colourful style. I saw many amazing pieces from her at Ingrid & Emil. 

You can shop Florence's preloved collection here