How to remove stubborn stains from children's clothes? We have put together the most proven household remedies for you.

Bruised knees, sticky hands, and stains on clothes are an essential part of every child’s childhood. While wounds heal, stains can be quite stubborn. To ensure that an item of clothing gives pleasure for as long as possible, it must be cared for carefully and stubborn stains must be treated quickly and correctly. There is no need for an arsenal of chemical products or expensive stain cleaners.

As children's skin, especially baby skin, is sensitive, we recommend not using the chemical cudgel but the following products:

  • Sensitive detergent (e.g. Ecover Universal flüssig, Öko-Testsieger 2020)
  • Gall soap
  • Baking powder - has a bleaching effect and enhances the washing power
  • Household vinegar or table vinegar - increases washing power and can be used as a natural fabric softener
  • Citric acid or lemon juice (contains 5-8% citric acid) - is a small miracle cure and a natural all-purpose cleaner

We do not recommend chemical fabric softeners for sensitive baby skin. To soften the laundry, you can add some vinegar during the wash cycle. Clothes will also soften if you put them in the dryer instead of air-drying them. New clothes should be washed 2-3 times before wearing them for the first time to wash out the chemicals and other impurities such as mould. An advantage of Second Hand clothes is that it usually contains less chemicals, as it has been washed several times.   

Remove milk stains

If you treat breast milk stains with hot water, the protein coagulates and the colours contained in it are permanently fixed. So you should always soak these stains in cold water first and then wash them in the washing machine. Depending on the thickness of the stain, pre-treat with gall soap. We recommend the same procedure for blood stains, vomit and leaked diapers.

Berry stains

This is where we need to act quickly. Raspberry stains can be doused with boiling water. Lemon juice, vinegar or bile soap for pre-treatment has also proved to be an effective remedy. If you are sitting in a restaurant, you can pour sparkling water over the stain or sprinkle lemon juice over it.

Grass and spinach stains

We all know them, the bright green grass stains after the children have played in the garden. Put liquid bile soap on the stain, brush it and let it soak for an hour. If the stain does not go out after washing, we recommend soaking the garment overnight with gall soap and washing it again. Stains can also be bleached out in sunlight. But be careful: the colours in your clothes will also fade. White fabrics can also be treated with toothpaste. Work in the toothpaste with a brush, let it dry for an hour before washing.


  • Treat and wash stains as quickly as possible
  • Rely on a few, proven household remedies
  • Milk stains, vomit, blood and stool stains should first be treated with cold water so that the proteins contained therein are washed out
  • If you are sitting in a restaurant and have nothing to hand, dab the stain with fizzy drinks or sprinkle lemon juice on it for the first time