Name: Scarlett Steiner
Lives in: Zürich
Founder of: Lifestyle blog Forkandflower
Family: Husband, daughters Elma and Rosa

For the launch of her exclusive preloved page on Ingrid & Emil, we got a few minutes in the early spring sun in Zürich with the lovely Scarlett Steiner. Living in Zürich together with her husband and daughters Elma and Rosa, Scarlett runs the inspiring lifestyle blog Forkandflower. She tells us all about her kids wardrobe philosophy, what her best gift tip is, and why it’s always a good idea to carry a Chupa Chup or two in your pocket.

My favourite kidswear brands are

That one isn’t simple to answer. There are so many! The girls and I love to have fun with fashion, and we also like to experiment and discover new labels every season. I usually rely on a good mix for their wardrobe. We mix basics to wear everyday and get dirty in with a handful more beautiful items for special occasions. Clothes with bold patterns and plain coloured items. So in terms of brands, we also like a good mix.

"I try to make sure to also support mama made small labels as much as possible."

I usually start the season by picking some quintessentially fun, statement or key pieces from international kidswear labels like Bobo Choses, Tiny Cottons, Piupiuchick or My Little Cozmo. Like that signature “cloud print” Bobo Choses bomber jacket that can be turned into a vest, so brilliant! And then build the wardrobe from there. I will then head to what I call in my head the “basics” labels, like The Simple Folk, Minimalisma etc. – which we can’t live without! To stock up on basics like plain coloured bodies or leggings. We also can’t fully live without some highstreet basics, like the paperbag jeans from Zara for Elma or underwear from H&M. And I try to make sure to also support mama made small labels as much as possible. So we actually have a lot of basics like leggings or jersey dresses from small Swiss brands like Eli-Ju, Kukka Kids or Petit Mai etc.

Dressing kids is fun but also complex! I call it “The Clothes Management”, haha. Glad Ingrid & Emil comes in handy in the process.

This piece that my kids wore I would never part with is

I find parting is part of the fashion game, I don’t have a hard time letting go. I just put away some keepsakes from when the girls were newborns. Like their first tiny “take home” outfits and the cutest little knitted hats (I’m obsessed with beanies for kids) and socks. That’s all. Other than that, all things can move on – either to the little sister, friends or someone else. I even give away stuff that technically still fits and / or could be handed down to the little sister. Because I like to let go of items that we do not need or love anymore, or that do not spark joy for us any longer (I’m a Marie Kondo enthusiast). And I also try to give away stuff whenever a new season rolls along, so that there is space for new things. I believe in the capsule wardrobe concept – that there shouldn’t be too much stuff to weigh you down, but to focus on some key pieces that you get a lot of wear out of instead. 

"I find parting is part of the fashion game, I don't have a hard time letting go."

One of my pro tips for keeping the kids entertained (even if just for 5mins)

Apart from the obvious iPad Babysitter, you mean? Haha. Quite simple: being present. I find that keeping kids entertained doesn’t take much. You only need to be there. And I also almost always have soap bubbles, a couple of balloons, a tiny box of playdoh and Chupa Chups on me, wherever I go. My kids would do anything for a good Chupa Chup – even sit silently! 

"My kids would do anything for a good Chupa Chup – even sit silently!"

Besides my kids, my passion is

To create. Be it being crafty – either with the kids or alone; since the kids I have rediscovered being crafty for myself, decorating our home and then redecorating it or photography, which is probably my biggest hobby in the classic sense.

What surprised me most about being a parent was

How much you can miss the kids when they are gone, or even just napping. You wait hours for them to nap, so that you can pee alone just ONCE in the day, clean up and do a million things you don’t get around to with them around… And when they finally sleep you just lay next to them and watch them sleep. Haha, completely gaga. #momlife

 My favourite thing to give as a gift

In general it must be flowers. I don’t find that boring one bit, flowers are always a good idea. Especially a surprise bouquet from my dear Bloem. For kids or newborn babies, I almost always get the Petit Stellou nooshis and blankets, since we love them so much and use them daily ourselves. They fulfil multiple purposes. Childhood and mamahood essentials.

Favourite thing to do with kids in my area is 

Just outside the door, we will always find something to do, really. Meet and play with the neighbours in our backyard. Win-win for everyone. We also love to explore the city, like going fountain hopping! It’s a real thing, google it! :)

"My perfect day must include cuddles with my kids. And then some more."


My perfect day must include

Cuddles with my kids. And then some more.

A place I love that I can’t wait to visit (again)

Forever a lover of the South of France. Oh, and our local Badi, Letzibadi. It’s a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city.

My best book/podcast/series/movie tip right now

Netflix up and down. I’ve been a big fan of “The Queen’s Gambit” that I’ve watched only lately. Other than that, I’m afraid I’m mostly the type that consumes Instagram and relies on my favourite accounts for inspiration. My favourite influence at the moment for example is my friend Ulli of @uls_andthekids. Her daily dose of inspiration is so charming and her content is such an added value to my days.

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