5 minutes with our inspiring parent Jenny Nyfeler

Name: Jenny Nyfeler
Does: Jewellery designer and owner of Aisso Studio
Lives in: Basel
Family: Me, my boyfriend Simon, our daughter Augusta and pregnant with baby 2
jenny nyfeler aisso studio

My favourite kidswear brands are

TAOBonpoint for baby clothes, BúhoNumero 74 and of course vintage.

This thing that my kids wore I would never part with

are Augustas first pair of sneakers from the Reebok x TAO collab and her first cashmere newborn baby set from Bonpoint.

One of my pro tips for keeping the kids entertained (even if just for 5mins)

Augusta loves to play with my jewellery. I have a box with a lot of necklaces and bracelets and when she opens it, she is busy for a while.

Besides my kids, my passion is

jewellery, interior, travel. 

What surprised me most about being a parent is the pure love <3

jenny nyfeler aisso studio ingrid & emil

My favourite thing to give as a gift

I love to give jewellery. It’s something that lasts forever. For kids and babies I love to give the scarves/blankets from Wayda. I buy them from Picaro, my favourite kids shop in Basel.

I get my style inspiration from

my daily life, my friends and from being outside in nature.

jenny nyfeler aisso jewellery

My favourite thing to do with kids in Basel is

to visit parks and their playgrounds. We have such beautiful spots here in Basel. In summer we love going to the „Sonnenbädli“ (public pool) and visiting the farm next to St. Margarthen church which is just above the city. 

My secret for juggling running a business, part-time work and family

is having a great community of people who help you and good organisation skills.

I shop pre-loved for my daughter because it's so much better for our planet [...] I also enjoy the treasure hunt.

My perfect day must include

a huge breakfast, time with my loved ones, long walks in the sun, a good dinner and a good movie night. 

I shop pre-loved for my daughter

because it’s so much better for our planet and I love vintage. I also enjoy the treasure hunt.

jenny nyfeler

A place I can’t wait to visit (again)

is Paris in spring and Copenhagen hopefully in summer.

My best book/podcast/series/movie tip right now

I like to read novels. The last one I read was ‘Spinner’ by Benedict Wells. I also listen to podcasts a lot, my favourite one is „Zeit verbrechen“. My last series was ‘The Bridge’ and my last good movie was ‘Joker’ and ‘Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri.’

Favourite pieces I’m eyeing right now at Ingrid & Emil are

the red dress from Jelly Mallow and the sweet grey summer dress from LiiLu Organics. I need to buy them!